MODULE 9: Content Marketing for freelancers & agencies

Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur. Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur.

πŸ’‘ What You Will Learn

πŸ’‘ Lesson 1 β†’

How to Start an SEO Company

FROM β†’ Nathan Gotch

DESCRIPTION β†’ Many SEO professionals dream project is to start a SEO agency. In this video, you’ll learn how to get more paying clients for your company.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 2 β†’

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing (Step-by-Step)

FROM β†’ Ahrefs

DESCRIPTION β†’ Starting a career in digital marketing can be overwhelming. This resource will guide you how to get started with.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 3 β†’Β 

Building A Freelancing SEO Consultant Career As A Woman In India And Beyond

FROM β†’ Semrush

DESCRIPTION β†’ Building a freelancing career is a real thing. In this presentation, you’ll get to learn from the experience of Sabiha Shakil

πŸ’‘ Lesson 4 β†’Β 

How to Start an SEO Business in 6 Steps

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: Start an SEO agency

SOURCE β†’ Ahrefs

DESCRIPTION β†’ Ahrefs has a guide on starting a SEO agency that teaches you how to be a T-shaped marketer, get clients, and scale your business.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 5 β†’Β 

SEO proposal template to win new clients

> Read the article πŸ“ƒ: SEO proposal template

SOURCE β†’ Backlinko

DESCRIPTION β†’ Download this SEO proposal template that you can use for your clients.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 6 β†’Β 

Content Marketing for Teams: Collaboration, Structure and Leadership

SOURCE β†’ Semrush Live

DESCRIPTION β†’ In this webinar, two experienced marketers has shared their challenges, tips on managing a team.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 7 β†’Β 

Managing Clients Who Want To Reduce Their Budgets, Pause, Cancel Or Want A Refund

SOURCE β†’ Semrush

DESCRIPTION β†’ The video title says it all.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 8 β†’

How One Marketing Agency Uses Content to Rank Higher and Win Clients

FROM β†’ Semrush Live

DESCRIPTION β†’ Content marketing is also helpful in getting more clients for agency and teams. Learn how one marketing agency used content to win clients.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 9 β†’

From SEO to CEO: How to become a successful SEO or Digital Marketing Agency Founder

FROM β†’ Crawling Mondays by Aleyda

DESCRIPTION β†’ An awesome interview with agency founders where they discuss how to go from an SEO guy to become the CEO of your own agency.

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