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• Module 1

Content Marketing Introduction

Not sure what content marketing is and how it can be helpful for businesses? Start with this module to learn the fundamentals of content marketing.

• Module 2

Building Content Strategy

Every successful content program has a solid strategy that aligns with business goals. Learn how to build a content marketing strategy for your business or clients.

• Module 3

Content Marketing Audit

Auditing your existing content inventory is equally important as creating & distributing quality content. Learn how to perform a content audit to fixing your broken content.

• Module 4

SEO and Keyword Research

From basic keyword research to technical SEO, you’ll learn to prepare a data-driven SEO strategy and perform a keyword research to uncover hidden opportunities.

• Module 5

SEO Copywriting

Whether you have experience in SEO copywriting or not, this module will make you a better SEO writer. Plus, get helpful blog post & SEO writing templates for free.

• Module 6

Link building and Digital PR

Link building is still an effective way of building online brand authority. This module covers not only link-building tactics but also digital PR strategies.

• Module 7

Google Analytics for Content Marketers

Great content marketers don’t say, “I think…” Instead, they make data-driven decisions to improve, audit or expand the content marketing program. Level up your web analytics skill in this module.

• Module 8

Content Promotion & Repurposing

Publishing content isn’t the last step. In fact, it’s the first step to expand your content reach so you get better ROI in terms of traffic, leads, and sales. Learn smart strategies for distributing & repurposing your content.

• Module 9

Guide For Freelancers and Agencies

Having the right skill is one thing. And, marketing your skill or experience is another. Learn how to get clients, build a strong team, and grow your freelancing or content marketing agency.

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