MODULE 5: seo copywriting

Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur. Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur Learn how to run a better business like a world-class entrepreneur.

πŸ’‘ What You Will Learn

πŸ’‘ Lesson 1 β†’

A framework for writing: Writing Handbook

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: Writing Handbook

FROM β†’ Julian Sharpio

DESCRIPTION β†’ Writing handbook covers: how to get ideas to write blog content, write a catchy introduction, and many more. Consider this as a learning masterclass that makes you a better writer.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 2 β†’

Ann Handley's Top Writing Tips for Marketers

FROM β†’ Ann Handley

DESCRIPTION β†’ Ann Handley is known as marketing and writing expert. This podcast is a pure treat to listen. You’ll get many useful advices on improving your writing skill.


πŸ’‘ Lesson 3 β†’Β 

SEO copywriting guide

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: SEO Copywriting

FROM β†’ Ahrefs

DESCRIPTION β†’ A must read for anyone who wants to write content that fulfill search intent and provides value to the users.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 4 β†’Β 

How to Create Content that Ranks in Google

SOURCE β†’ Ahrefs

DESCRIPTION β†’ Get a step-by-step framework of writing engaging articles and driving traffic with quality content.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 5 β†’Β 

The complete process for writing that ranks

SOURCE β†’ Andy Crestodina

DESCRIPTION β†’ Ever though of improving or even writing content with a data-driven approach. This is what you’ll learn in this video.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 6 β†’Β 

SEO COPYWRITING: The Definitive Guide

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: SEO Copywriting: Complete Guide

SOURCE β†’ Backlinko

DESCRIPTION β†’ Learn the secrets of Brian Dean who has managed to grow his blog exponentially with engaging and search-optimized content.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 7 β†’Β 

How to Write SEO Content: Full process of writing from scratch

SOURCE β†’ Nathan Gotch

DESCRIPTION β†’ Watch this video to get a step-by-step process of writing an article.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 8 β†’

Content Writing Workshop: Replay

> Watch the replayβœ”οΈ: CopyBlogger workshop on content writing

FROM β†’ CopyBlogger

DESCRIPTION β†’ CopyBlogger is one of the best examples of amazing SEO copywriting. Learn how you can do the same.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 9 β†’

Download the On-Page SEO Template

> Download πŸ“₯: On-Page SEO Template

FROM β†’ Backlinko

DESCRIPTION β†’ On-Page SEO template helps in following a standard style for ever article. Plus, if you manage a team of writers, you can use this as a way of guide your writers.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 10 β†’Β 

Become a Better Writer in 1 Week

FROM β†’ The futur

DESCRIPTION β†’This video is not directly related to SEO writing. But the process discussed in this video really helps to make you a better writer.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 11 β†’Β 

Complete Guide to Copywriting

Image source: ABCCopywriting

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: Complete Guide to SEO Copywriting

SOURCE β†’ QuickSprout

DESCRIPTION β†’ Learn about the process of good writing. It covers audience research, finding the audience needs and how to present the solution in the content.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 12 β†’Β 

How to Write an SEO-Focused Content Brief

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: How to write a SEO content brief

SOURCE β†’ Moz

DESCRIPTION β†’ Use this checklist every time you publish an article to avoid common mistakes of SEO writing.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 13 β†’Β 

Content Brief Template

> Download πŸ“₯: Content Brief Template

SOURCE β†’ SEO Clarity

DESCRIPTION β†’ Whether you work for a client or you have a team of writers, this SEO brief helps you set the foundation of your content.

πŸ’‘ Lesson 14 β†’Β 

How to Optimize a Page for a Keyword

SOURCE β†’ Ahrefs

DESCRIPTION β†’ Writing only for users isn’t enough as you need to learn different ways of optimizing it so Google can understand your webpage and rank accordingly.Β 

πŸ’‘ Lesson 15 β†’

7 proven blog post templates

> Read the articleπŸ“ƒ: 7 Proven Blog post templates

FROM β†’ Backlinko

DESCRIPTION β†’ You’ll find the secrets of BACKLINKO on how to write different types of amazing content.

It's time to become an action taker

Things to do after completing this module:

  • Make this a habit of writing everyday.
  • If you have a website, then target a low-compeititon keyword and write a SEO-optimized article by analytics the SERP pages. And see if it is ranking on the keyword.

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