MODULE 1: Content Marketing introduction

Content marketing is about consistently creating and distributing relevant content, compelling content to the audience over a long period of time to drive business results like traffic, leads, and sales.

💡 What You Will Learn

💡 Lesson 1 →

The rise of content marketing

FROM → Content Marketing Institute

DESCRIPTION → This is one of the best documentaries on content marketing that not only teaches you how it started but also why this is the present & the future.

💡 Lesson 2 →

History of content marketing?

What is content marketing?

> Read the article📃: The history of content marketing 

FROM → Brafton

DESCRIPTION → Get an overview of what content marketing is, different types of content, the difference between B2B and B2C content marketing and many more.

💡 Lesson 3 → 

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone?

FROM → Content Marketing Institute

DESCRIPTION → Content marketing isn’t like traditional paid advertising. It has different pros and cons. This article is a must for every beginner that will answer every question about content marketing.

💡 Lesson 4 → 

Content Marketing Fundamentals


> Read the article📃: Content marketing fundamentals

FROM → Backlinko

DESCRIPTION → If you like learning from real examples, then this article is the right one for you. Expect a little advanced stuff on how it works and a few best practices.

💡 Lesson 5 → 

How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Platform?

SOURCE→ Joe Pulizzi

DESCRIPTION → Just because there are many content platforms out there doesn’t mean you have to be present on all of them. Learn how to choose the right one for your business.

💡 Lesson 6 → 

Basics of content marekting?

content inc podcast

> Listen to the podcast🎙️: Setting your content marketing mission statement

SOURCE→ Content Marketing Institute

DESCRIPTION → Take 4 minutes and listen to this podcast where Joe Pulizzi discusses why and how to build a content marketing mission statement easily.

💡 Lesson 7 → 

Six Steps to Creating a Content Brand (Keynote)

SOURCE→ OMR (by Joe Pulizzi)

DESCRIPTION → You’ll find many technical presentations on content marketing, analytics, etc. But until and unless you understand the content INC framework, this is going to be hard.

💡 Lesson 8 → 

Successful Content Marketers Have These 7 Traits


INSIGHTS FROM→ Content Marketing Insitute

DESCRIPTION → Another masterpiece from content marketing godfather, Joe Pulizzi. From his years of marketing experience in the marketing space, he has shared 7 most important traits of a successful content marketer.

💡 Lesson 9 → 

Is Content Marketing Right for My Business?



DESCRIPTION → Content marketing isn’t for every kind of business requirement. Learn when this is extremely important and when it is not.

💡 Lesson 10 → 

Greatest misconceptions in content marketing

SOURCE→ Moz (WhiteBoard Friday)

DESCRIPTION → Just like any other marketing segments, content marketing has some common myths that need to be addressed initially.

It's time to become an action taker

Things to do after completing this module:

  • Identify whether content marketing is the right option for your business
  • Create a content marketing mission statement
  • Work on the Content Inc model to stand out from the content noise.


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