1. SEO strategy breakdowns

SEO Case Study of Holidify: Driving 12M+ Visits/Month
In this guide, I’ll break down the SEO strategy of Holidify that helped them become an SEO giant in the travel industry of India. Also, you’ll find actionable takeaways from this breakdown that you can implement in your SEO strategy immediately.

SEO Strategy Breakdown of GoodHousekeeping
This is an SEO strategy breakdown of GoodHousekeeping, a product review site that drives more than 22 million organic visits every month from search.

SEO strategy breakdown of Hitched
Learn the SEO and content strategy breakdown of Hitched, a leading wedding marketplace in the UK.

Content Marketing Strategy Breakdown of a B2B Service Business
Operating in a B2B service industry? Learn how we’ve helped OffiNeeds to increase qualified traffic.

Content Marketing Breakdown of Ironclad [B2B SaaS]
This is a content marketing strategy breakdown of Ironclad, a B2B SaaS company dominating its niche.

Build A Content Marketing Machine Like ServiceTitan
This comprehensive breakdown of ServiceTitan will help you plan your B2B content strategy to the next level.

Content Marketing Breakdown of PharmEasy [EAT, Content Moat, & CRO Practices]
This is the content marketing strategy breakdown of PharmEasy. Find actionable insights on building EAT, programmatic SEO, and more.

How Is Sendoso Dominating Its Niche With The Topic Cluster & Pillar Page Model?
Learn the content marketning secrets of Sendoso to build topical authority

How Saas Businesses Can Improve Churn Rate With Knowledge Base [With Real Examples]
Learn how to plan BOFU content strategy and automate customer support with a self-service content hub.

How To Improve EAT Information Like HealthLine
Healthline’s editorial content stratgy breakdown will help you understand how to improve EAT of your website.

How To Turn Your Content Into Lead Generating Machine? [From Real Examples]
Learn how to create conversion focused content for every stage of the funnel.

Steal This Content Strategy From Shopify To Increase Traffic & Conversions?
Learn Shopify’s content marketing strategies to increase ranking and conversions.

Content Marketing Strategy Breakdown of a B2B Service Business
After Reading This Guide, You’ll Understand – Strategizing a B2B content strategy, Building topical authority, Keyword research for a small audience size, etc…

Ecommerce SEO Lessons From Wakefit (Breakdown)
In this breakdown, we’ll try to reverse engineer the SEO success of Wakefit and also discuss what can be improved in this strategy.

2. Bite-sized insights

SEO case study: 0 to 177 clicks per day in 9 months

How Mailchimp is driving 46K+ organic visits per month with this strategy
The ‘marketing glossary pages’ of MailChimp is ranking for hundreds of keywords like these…

How Zerodha is Driving 220k+ Organic Traffic Every Month
Zerodha’s content hub has generated 72.3k backlinks from 1.41k different domains…

How Holidify Is Ranking On The 1st Page Of Google For 177,885+ Keywords
Holidify has managed to build a huge content empire that gets around 4.2 million visits every month…

Steal Notion’s strategy to create personalized landing pages
Here, I’ll breakdown Notion’s strategy behind creating 10+ landing pages for the single product.

How Glassdoor’s Data-driven Content Engine Is Dominating The SERP
Here, I’ll breakdown the data-driven content strategy of Glassdoor that not only helped them drive traffic but also get backlinks organically.

How To Categorize Your Content With Internal Linking | SEO lesson from Zapier
Strategic internal linking from high authority pages to low authority pages, we may increase the chance of ranking higher…

SmallCase’s Newsletter Content Marketing Strategy
The Smallcase newsletter is one of the great examples of delivering educational, useful and relevant content consistently…

3 Key Lessons From Bewakoof’s ECommerce SEO Strategy
Bewakoof’s site gets over 1.4 million search visits every month and has 154k+ backlinks from almost 2.82k different domains…

5 Elements That Makes Ahrefs’s Landing Page So Good
There is no single right way of creating or writing landing pages.But when it comes to using social proof, Ahrefs’s home page is one of the best…

How To Segment Your Homepage When You Have Multiple User Types [Lessons From ActiveCampaig
Learn how to segment the homepage for different user types & better conversions?

The Internal Linking Strategy To Get More Organic Clicks
Adding FAQschema seems like a good option in SEO, but it can eventually cause a significant traffic drop…

Going From 30+ Clicks/Day → To 70+ Clicks/Day [Actionable Case Study]
Here, I’ll be sharing the key SEO optimizations that we did to achieve the growth for one of our clients.

Find Underperforming Content Using Google Search Console [In Just 5 Steps]
Learn how to find SEO opportunities with Google search console (GSC)…

Does Google have enough information about your brand?
Ideally, Google should show a clear and accurate answer (with a featured snippet) to these questions…

Navigation Bar Design For Higher Conversion and SEO Benefits
One of the mistakes many eCommerce and B2B sites make is creating separate navigation for blog content…

3. EAT in SEO

Part 3. E-A-T: Beyond Content, Links And UX
This is the third part of EAT in SEO where you will learn actionable ways to improve the EAT information of your site.

Part 2. E-A-T: Beyond Content, Links And UX
This is the second part of EAT in SEO where you’ll learn how to perform an EAT audit in step-by-step process.

(Part 1) E-A-T: Beyond Content, Links, And UX
Google algorithm constantly makes changes and updates to improve the user experience on their platform and prevent webmasters from manipulating the algorithm.

4. SEO guides

Content Marketing Differentiation Strategy

How To Evaluate The Ranking Difficulty of Keywords?
Not sure whether to target a keyword based on keyword difficulty metric? Learn how to evaluate ranking difficulty of a keyword.

5. SOPs and templates

Guest posting SOP and Guideline
If you want to start your guest posting process, this guideline and SOP will be helpful.

Blog Content Writing SOP [Train your content writers effectively]
These guidelines are no fixed rules to follow by every SEO or content marketer. I’d recommend these guidelines to the writers. Please make changes as per your brand guidelines.

How To Prepare a Blog Content Outline Focused on Ranking & Conversions
In this guide, I will share every detail that goes into making a content brief focused on improved UX, higher rankings, conversions (even for B2B businesses), and low time-to-value.

6. SEO site audit

How I’d Grow Invention-patent-drawings [SEO Audit]
Learn how I’d Grow Invention-patent-drawings [SEO Audit]…

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