Does Google have enough information about your brand?

Take a moment and Google the following questions now:

  • Who is the founder of [your brand]?
  • Where [your brand] is located?
  • When [your brand] is founded?

Ideally, Google should show a clear and accurate answer (with a featured snippet) to these questions.

Here’s an example:

If Google shows wrong or unclear information, it may not have enough information about the entity. If that’s the case with your brand, follow the action items.

Action Items:

First, make a list of all the important branded queries.

Second, cover these questions either on your website (recommended), third-party websites, or both. e.g. you may create a separate page for the founding team members.

This is why you should also focus on building social profiles with accurate information about the brand (team, about, foundation, etc.)


Branded queries (navigational intent) can contribute to the bottom of the funnel.

When users don’t find a clear answer to their branded query, it gives a bad user experience from a branding perspective.

In fact, Google prefers to rate a website low-quality if the following information is not covered:

  • Who’s behind the brand?
  • What’s the expertise of the brand?
  • Contact information
  • Information about who created the content

Tip: First, answer the question (if any) in the 1st paragraph.

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This can help in getting featured snippets for the branded queries.

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